Thank you to everyone who supported the success of Smokefree East Baton Rouge!

We believe everyone in Louisiana has the right to breath smoke-free air. That’s why we’re launching the Campaign for a Tobacco-Free Louisiana. Be on the lookout for more news and updates about this new campaign and be sure download the recently released report from the Louisiana Secondhand Smoke Study Committee.
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Louisiana spends over $1.89 billion each year on smoking-related healthcare costs.

The current statewide smoke-free law does not go far enough to protect all of Louisiana’s workers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

In order to close this unnecessary loophole, Louisiana needs to ensure that all workers are protected under the law and that no one has to choose between their health and pay check by including bars and gaming facilities in the Smoke-Free Air Act. A comprehensive smoke-free air law is a critical component in improving the health of Louisianans and its visitors.

Know the Facts.

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. We've got the facts to prove it.

Everyone in Louisiana has the Right to Breathe Smoke-free Air.